I have and issue with the view filter "Content: Has taxonomy terms (with depth)". In my view I'm filtering a content type who as two fields represented by the same taxonomy, and that view filter (Content: Has taxonomy terms (with depth)), do the filter of the union of all the values in the two fields of the same taxonomy. For example:

Taxonomy "Subjects":


  • subject11
  • subject12
  • ...
  • subject1n


  • subject21
  • subject22
  • ...
  • subject2n


  • subject31
  • subject32
  • ...
  • subject3n

Custom type: Annual enrollment



Subjects enrolled on first period (reference to term Subjects and multivalue)

Subjects enrolled on second period (reference to term Subjects and multivalue)


View: Filter for enrollments


Content: Has taxonomy terms (with depth)(exposed)


For example, in this case, that filter (associated with a Taxonomy and not a content type field) will filter the results for the departments in both subjects enrolled on first and second period, and what I want is that the filter only affects one field (in my real case, I need two of these filters, one for each field).

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My problem was that the view filter Content: Has taxonomy terms (with depth) search in the taxonomy_index table instead of a field of the content type, so I ended duplicating the Simple hierarchical select module (SHS) who's behavior is equal to the Content: Has taxonomy terms (with depth), and editing the query it does.


I have the same problem: a "person" content type with two taxonomy term fields (place of birth and place of residence) related to the same vocabulary (provinces and towns), rendered through Simple Hierarchical Select.

I don't understand how you solved it, how you set the view to filter "Content: Has taxonomy terms (with depth)" just with one taxonomy field.

Thank you

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