I am getting this error.

Call to undefined function feeds_node_prepare() in dkan_datastore_node_update() (line 307 of /dkan/dkan/profiles/dkan/modules/dkan/dkan_datastore/dkan_datastore.module).

What could be causing the error? Could it be a module interfering with function?

  • Any feedback to the answer? – Kojo Nov 20 '17 at 11:34

This issue is referenced in Dkan developpers Google group.

You probably have updated Feeds modules in Dkan profiles folder? Read the above post carefully and consider trying proposed solution :

  • Keep the Dkan profile original code in place
  • Download Feeds 7.x-2.0-beta4 to sites/all/modules/contrib
  • Rebuild registry

EDIT : I browsed both Feeds and Dkan feeds.module history. I couldn't find any implementation of feeds_node_prepare() in Feeds, while Dkan contrib feeds.module does implement it.

Seems that Feeds in DKAN profile contrib modules directory is a fork, not official release.

  • So, I have to put the feeds module in that directory and that should do it? – K Davis Nov 20 '17 at 18:20
  • Nope. 3 steps : first revert Feeds to Dkan version in Dkan profile, then put last Feeds release in contrib folder, last rebuild registry. – Kojo Nov 20 '17 at 18:53

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