I have drush 9 installed (current dev release). I can't find the archive-dump command, despite the docs suggesting it should be there.

Executing it produces:

The Drush command 'archive-dump' could not be found. Use 'drush core-status' to verify that Drupal is found and bootstrapped successfully. Look for 'Drupal bootstrap : Successful' in its output.

I can confirm that drush core-status (or status) states that Drupal is successfully bootstrapped. The problem is present for local and remote environments, and on any machine that it's installed on (I've tried 4 so far, a mix of MacOS and Ubuntu environments).

I've even gone so far as to grep drush's code for mentions of archive and ard (the alias that used to work and also should if the docs are to be believed. There doesn't seem to be anything pertinent in there.

So where's archive-dump gone?? If it's been removed, what's its successor?

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Turns out it was removed in this commit to Drush 9 following this issue and follow up.

So archiving no longer exists, or at least not until someone has time to port the logic over to the Composer workflow.

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    Grrr. i think having a usable webdir backup with db dumps easily was beneficial, even if the composer workflow files were omitted :(
    – tenken
    Commented Dec 21, 2017 at 19:31

FWIW for others who find this comment in search, archive dump was restored in Drush 11.1.1.

OP was likely on Drupal 8.4+. Drush 11, which only supported Drupal 9 and 10, would not have been immediately useful.

But since I ended up on this question searching for a drush archive issue, it seemed better to leave this update for the next person who ends up here.

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