I'm trying to create a term programmatically:

$term = Term::create([
  'vid' => 'vocabulary_mane',
  'name' => 'term_name',


I can see my term in my overview page in the back-end:

Overview page

But when I click on modify, I will receive an error page:

Error page

In the journal this is the log:

Error log

What is wrong?


i found the solution.

the problem was with uppercase/lowercase vid value.

If your vocabulary starts with an uppercase letter ex: 'Animal', thr vid value will starts with a lowercase letter ex: 'animal' otherwise you will have an error

This was my problem, hope it will you help.

  • Machine names are always lowercase. You used to have to set a parent hierarchy value before in 7.x, not sure if that still applies here. – Kevin Nov 21 '17 at 18:12

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