Using XAMPP on Mac

I have installed

After setting up admin/config/system/smtp

enter image description here

It gives above error. Unable to send test email.

Do we have to any setting on gmail or i'm missing anything?

You probably have to be auth to be able to send mail from gmail's SMTP (smtp user/ smtp password). Moreover, you have to "allow" the sender's email in your google account. have to be allowed to send mail with account; somewhere in gmail's parameters, you can validate this mail.

I remember there is a limit, 450 mails/day for each google account (this could have change now, that was 3 or 4 years ago), and more with payed gapps.

You can try with Swift Mailer module . Its work for me.

You can try send email with sendgrid smtp, can smtp gmail had block ip your server,

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