I'm trying to do some different processing after an order is placed depending on which payment method a customer uses.

In my EventSubscriber, I have the following code:

 public static function getSubscribedEvents() {
    $events = [
      'commerce_order.place.post_transition' => 'onPlaceTransition'
    return $events;

  public function onPlaceTransition(WorkflowTransitionEvent $event) {
    $order = $event->getEntity();

Now I want to get the name or id of the payment method that was used from the order, but when I used kint($order) I couldn't find a way to access the payment method.

How do I access the payment method given an $order object?

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The Commerce Payment module adds the payment_method base field when it is enabled, see commerce_payment_entity_base_field_info https://github.com/drupalcommerce/commerce/blob/8.x-2.x/modules/payment/commerce_payment.module#L28

You can access the payment method (and gateway) through


Example of when we get the payment method label for the order receipt email.

if (!$order->get('payment_method')->isEmpty()) {
  $variables['payment_method'] = [
    '#markup' => $order->get('payment_method')->first()->entity->label(),

From https://github.com/drupalcommerce/commerce/blob/77b25bf4889a940eed6652475c3952c36144efc0/modules/payment/commerce_payment.module#L122


It looks like it changed at some point after 2018. I could only get the label in this way (for my offsite payment method):

use Drupal\commerce_payment\Entity\PaymentGateway;

/** @var PaymentGateway $paymentGateway */
$paymentGateway = $order->get('payment_gateway')->entity;

$label = $paymentGateway->getPluginConfiguration()['display_label'];

$order->get('payment_method') was empty for my orders, but according to the code, payment methods are only set, if they are stored payment methods of the customer.

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