I don't understand how node integration with webform works. How do I pass data from a node with a webform field to an instance of that form? I created a form with email and location. Then I created a content type with location, description, date, and a webform field and then I added some content to it. How do I associate the location from the content type to an instance of a form? How does the "Default submission data (YAML)" work? I put "[current-page:title]" in there expecting it to populate the form, but I don't understand how to specify what form field it goes to or if I'm using the right syntax or what??


The location node is considered the 'source entity' and is automatically tracked.

You can use the [webform_submission:node] to pull information from the location node into the 'Default webform submission data (YAML)'. For example, to get the location's title you should use the [webform_submission:node:title] token.

  • Thanks, I've got it working. This is an impressive module on many levels. Nov 24 '17 at 14:22

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