The Stripe payment gateway only accepts JCB and Diners Club transactions in US dollars (no international currencies).

Most of the transactions on my site are in Japanese yen.

In fact, I would prefer to have everything in yen, but I want to try to handle JCB (major credit card in Japan) by somehow converting the JPY prices to USD and then billing in USD (of course, I will notify the user I am doing this).

Ideally, the flow looks like this:

  • User browses my store where prices are shown in JPY.
  • User adds a product to the cart.
  • User goes to checkout and chooses a payment method (if user chooses "Pay with Mastercard/Visa" (standard Stripe payment gateway), transaction proceeds as normal.
  • If the user chooses "JCB", price is converted to USD and then billed in USD.

How might I begin to implement this kind of conversion? Or, is there a better approach/flow for converting the order price from one currency to another?

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This is what I've done for now.

  1. Add the currencies you will use in the UI. /admin/commerce/config/currencies
  2. Add a "currency" product attribute in the UI. /admin/commerce/product-attributes
  3. On the product edit page for the product you want, add variations with the currencies and set the prices.

This lets the user choose the currency he/she likes. So you can just put a message "If you're using JCB, you must pay with JCB." It's not perfect but it's a decent solution.

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