On live server I use differents drush and php versions for drupal 8.4 and 7. I install drush 9 to ~/drush9 directory with composer require drush/drush:9.* command.

On dev server and drupal 8.4 I use site.alias.yml file for drush 9:

  host: hostingexample.com
  user: user
  root: /home/user/example.com/public_html/
  uri: http://example.com/
    drush-script: '/opt/php70/bin/php /home/user/drush9/vendor/bin/drush'

And for command drush @site.live ev 'print PHP_VERSION' have an error: bash: /opt/php70/bin/php /home/user/drush9/vendor/bin/drush: No such file or directory

If I add

alias php=/opt/php70/bin/php
alias drush9=~/drush9/vendor/bin/drush

in hosting .bash_profile and change drush-script: '/home/user/drush9/vendor/bin/drush' in site.alias.yml. And have an error PHP Parse error: syntax error, unexpected '[' in /home/user/drush9/vendor/drush/drush/src/Config/Environment.php on line 98. Because on hosting default php version is 5.3.

How to use another php version for hosting and config it for drush 9 aliases?


Try editing both the .bash_rc and .bash_profile files so that you include the directory where the version of PHP you want is FIRST (before existing PATH):

(add this line or adjust if existing):

export PATH="/opt/php70/bin:$PATH"

As a last ditch effort, you can set the env variable drush looks for as well in these files:


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  • The "export PATH=..." method worked for me; I set it in a bash script I use to automate deploys on a shared hosting account; the site runs Drupal 8.9, with Drush 9. Thanks! – Jedihe Jul 13 at 1:44

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