I'm looking for a solution which can alter/change a language name based on the domain I'm on.

Here I can configure one name, which is used everywhere, but can't be configured for each domain: /admin/config/regional/language

I got a site with multiple domains. Every domain has a set of languages: en, nl and fr etc.

Each domain has different labels for those languages. For example: domain 1: en: English domain 2: en: International

Any suggestions?

Altering every form, every view output, just feels wrong.

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You are looking for url/domain language negociation + url/path language negociation, right ? You need both of domain+path in /admin/config/regional/language/detection/url to determine wich language to display.

I think you have to implement a new LanguageNegociation plugin in a module which do this. Have a look at :


You should be able to get your own detector (quiet looking like LanguageNegotiationUrl with both domain+path) by extending LanguageNegotiationMethodBase.


Read the Enable language negotiation page in the Multilingual guide. It's explained in there.

Generally, the URL method will be enabled and will be the first on the list, meaning that if the language is specified in the URL of the page, the page will be displayed in that language. The URL method can be configured to use either the domain or language path prefix of the page. If the language is not specified in the URL, the next method on the list will be used.

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