How do I set the title of the tab from a controller in Drupal 8? This is the code I am using:


class myController extends ControllerBase {

    public function node($nId) {
        $nodeObj = Node::load($nId);
        $elements = getRequiredDetails($nodeObj);

        return [
            '#theme'    => 'my_mod',
            '#title'    => 'This is the Tab Title'
            '#contents' => $elements,
            '#attached' => [
                'library'=> [

    * Returns a page title.
    public function getTitle() {
        $route = \Drupal::routeMatch()->getCurrentRouteMatch()->getRouteObject();

        return $route->getDefaults('#title');


 path: '/node/{nId}'
   _controller: 'Drupal\my_mod\Controller\myController::node'
   _title_callback: 'Drupal\my_mod\Controller\myController::getTitle'
   _permission: 'access content'

But the '#title' in my controller sets the title in the page, not in the tab. Is there anything I am doing wrong?

If I put something like die('Title Here'); in getTitle(), it will show in the tab. I need to call that method from the route.

  • Which tab? I don't see any tab in the code you have provided.
    – No Sssweat
    Dec 4, 2017 at 5:26
  • I need a title to be set on the browser tab. Looks like #title doesnt work for browsers tab head. It only shows title in the contents. @NoSssweat Dec 4, 2017 at 5:31
  • 1
    Drupal doesn't control what a browser shows in its tabs. By default, it's the page title, but if there are extensions changing the tab title, Drupal cannot do anything.
    – apaderno
    Dec 4, 2017 at 7:46
  • Yes, there is a lot of code trying to set titles, Metatag for example does this too, it's pre-configured to set the page title for nodes by this tokens: [node:title] | [site:name].
    – 4uk4
    Dec 4, 2017 at 8:16
  • @kiamlaluno yes but the thing is my title does not show on the tab. It is just the Drupal Site Name. I guess the default format is PageTitle | SiteName. But my one is showing as | SiteName Dec 5, 2017 at 5:55

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If you use Meta tag module, you can use following method. From this method you can get Meta tag title and other Meta tags for view section also.


class: Drupal\my_module\Routing\RouteSubscriber
  - { name: event_subscriber }


namespace Drupal\my_module\Routing;

use Drupal\Core\Routing\RouteSubscriberBase;
use Symfony\Component\Routing\RouteCollection;

 * Listens to the dynamic route events.
class RouteSubscriber extends RouteSubscriberBase {

     * {@inheritdoc}
    protected function alterRoutes(RouteCollection $collection) {

        if ($route = $collection->get('entity.node.canonical')) {
                '_controller' => 'Drupal\my_module\Controller\MymoduleController::view',


namespace Drupal\my_module\Controller;

use Drupal\Core\Entity\EntityInterface;
use Drupal\node\Entity\Node;
use Drupal\node\Controller\NodeViewController;

class MymoduleController extends NodeViewController {

    public function view(EntityInterface $node, $view_mode = 'full', 
    $langcode = NULL) {

        $elements = getRequiredDetails($node);

        return [
            '#theme'    => 'your-theme',
            '#contents' => $elements,
            '#attached' => [
                'library'=> [

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