Any Ideas how to create pinterest style image presentation page(view)?

Basically, it is like a page that have images in columns, images in each column have same width but different height.

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For that, you need to use Masonry jQuery plugin. With Drupal you've this module but it's not available yet for Drupal 7.x, so you should either make your own template with the plugin or try to port the mentioned module into Drupal 7.


I've created a small module for making pinterest-style galleries with Drupal. It's in a sandbox at the moment here: http://drupal.org/sandbox/MarkConroy/1903438

You can see a demonstration of it here: www.adesignforlife.net/pinterest-galleries - click on any gallery to see the images also in a Pinterest style.

It basically uses the masonry js library and adds some CSS to the images.

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