I'm getting a 403 error everytime I try to log in with the user #1.

What can I do to get access again?

I have already tried to:

  • clear all cashes (via Drush)
  • set the time in both the server and Drupal's timezone, to be sure it isn't a cookie expiration problem

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The problem began after I uncommented and defined a wrong $cookie_domain, in settings.php. (I needed this set up for FCKeditor/CKFinder.) Once I have corrected this, I've managed to log in again.

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Check that cookie domain, and site URL are the same, in the settings.php file.

Look for these lines:

$base_url = 'http://yourdomain.com';
$cookie_domain = 'yourdomain.com'

within the settings.php file.

Usually at: yourdomain.com/sites/default/settings.php

Remember to delete cookies from your browser and empty your browser cache before you try again.


Ok, you've solved your problem. I'm just trying to explain "how".

When you was logging in (with uid 1 or any user), the cookie was set on the wrong domain, but Drupal didn't know it. It thought you was logged in and redirect you to user/1. In this second request, browser sent an empty cookie and Drupal saw you as anonymous, which probably didn't have access user profiles permission and you got a 403.


This might be useful for you, if its not related to Drupal domain_cookies setting. https://drupal.stackexchange.com/a/266928/39462

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