I use composer. The L10n_client module could not be updated or occasionally not found. I feel that the names of L10n_client or l10n_client_ui are different. It is a similar atmosphere as below. https://www.drupal.org/node/2658756 I do not know if it is the same cause. Since Composer update can not be done, I have memories that I executed composer require as override.

I got a message to install the l10n_client module under some circumstances, so I ran the installation on admin/modules, but an error was returned. Localization Client Interface The module is unchecked. Localization Client Contributor module is not installed. Error message is ‘Unable to install Localization Client Interface, l10n_client_ui.settings already exists in active configuration.’

How can I solve it?

Environment:Drupal 8.4.2

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I ran "drush config-delete l10n_client_ui.settings". I was able to install the module.

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