I have a paragraph template in my custom theme as paragraph--home-page-carousel.html and when I write like this

<span class="car-spec">{{ content.field_home_slide_snippet[0]|raw }}</span>

I get in HTML source code this

    <span class="car-spec">

what should I do to remove the div wrapper?


You shouldn't do {{ content.field_home_slide_snippet[0]|raw }}. You should do {{ content.field_home_slide_snippet }} and edit the twig template for field--field-home-slide-snippet.html.twig to have no HTML wrappers. Copy field.html.twig to your theme and edit as needed.

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    Thank you, Kevin but I tried this and still get the "div". – Mohamed Osama Gbril Dec 12 '17 at 4:55
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    Did you also edit the paragraph twig and remove the div? If you enable twig debugging it will tell you what templates are being used. – Kevin Dec 12 '17 at 12:39
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    Yes I removed from the both. I enabled devel and twig debug and tried these templates – Mohamed Osama Gbril Dec 12 '17 at 13:13

You could use the strip tags filter : {{ some_html|striptags('<span>') }}
Assuming the html is dynamically wrapped by the <div> tag, this will strip the <div> tag and leave the <span> tag.


{% set mycontent %}
    {{ content.field_home_slide_snippet }}
{% endset %}
{{ mycontent|striptags('<span>') }}



I think you can use

{{ content.field_home_slide_snippet.0["#context"].value }}

or enable devel module and then use

{{ kint(content.field_home_slide_snippet) }}

to see where is value that you need.

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