I have installed search api module in drupal 8 and included excerpt in the search result.

But excerpt are always empty in the search result. (HTML div element is there but no content inside)

I searched in the forum and enabled the 'highlights' from settings as suggested. But no changes in the result (I cleared the cache)

Am i missing anything?


First go to this path admin/config/search/search-api/index/default_index/processors#edit-processors-highlight-settings make sure this settings are enabled

enter image description here

Next i created a view Global search which has search Excerpt field.

enter image description here

Finally i was able to see the highlighted text word after searching

enter image description here

Actually this is not default search form that comes in drupal8 it is exposed form in block if you see in view exposed form setting i have enabled it. once this is done, exposed form comes in block just place that in which ever regions you want.

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These days this config variable is at: /admin/config/search/search-api/index/default_solr_index/processors where "default_solr_index" is the machine name of your index.

The checkbox you want is called "Highlight"

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