My content type has a node reference field that allows users to enter an unlimited amount of nodes in. I need to programmatically change what comes first in this list.

Using the code below I'm able to obtain the data from the field.

$node = \Drupal::entityTypeManager()->getStorage('node')->load($function);
$focus = $node->field_focus_area->getValue();

And it produces:

array(2) {
  array(1) {
    string(2) "31"
  array(1) {
    string(3) "161"

In order to rearrange it I tried doing

$newOrder[0] = ['target_id'=> 161]; 
$newOrder[1] = ['target_id'=> 31];


But it was then when I realized that rekey was a protected function so I could use it. How would I programmatically rearrange the deltas (if that's what you'd call it) of an entity reference field programmatically?

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After getting and rearranging the field data you can set it again:


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