I am having a requirement that, automating the contributed module configurations via hook_update. I have a text area, where i need to mention different URLs with one URL/line. For reference look into the image:

enter image description here

To achieve this I have to use variable_set(); function. I tried something like below but not able to get all the values displayed.

$test = array('abc/*','xyz/*','ijk/*');
variable_set('boost_testing', $test);

This code is setting only first row, it will not come to next row.

So please suggest something I can do by using <br> or \n so that i can display each values next row. Any help will be appreciated.


You should pass paths as a string instead of array:

$test = "abc/*\nxyz/*\nijk/*\n";
variable_set('boost_testing', $test);

Remember to use double quotes for the $test string.


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