I'm unable to get a default placeholder and/or size to register against a BaseFieldDefinition. I'm trying something like:

$fields['company_name'] = BaseFieldDefinition::create('string')
      ->setLabel(t('Company Name'))
      ->setDescription(t('What\'s your company called?'))
      ->setDisplayOptions('form', [
        'type' => 'string_textfield',
        'settings' => [
          'display_label' => TRUE,
          'size' => 10,
          'placeholder' => '',
        'weight' => '9',
      ->setDisplayConfigurable('form', TRUE);

But when I enable my module, and check the 'Manage Form Display' tab for the relevant entity, it shows the defaults (size = 60, placeholder = {null}).

Does anyone know how to get these working..? Especially the placeholder one.


I think you need to be calling "setSettings" on the field, not passing the settings as a part of the display options.

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