I have an entity select list based on View which collects a list of groups and their corresponding email address(may not be unique!). It seems that there is bug in entity_reference.module so only titles of nodes are displayed.

I want to send emails based on the selected group. I have tried to set the Custom To email address using tokens but failed.


Do I type the wrong tokens or is there any other alternative solution for this situation?

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I was able to get all three of the below tokens to pull the single first email address for the group node's field_email.

[webform_submission:values:groups:entity:field_email] [webform_submission:values:groups:0:entity:field_email] [webform_submission:values:groups:0:entity:field_email:value]

Only [webform_submission:values:groups] returns 'Node Title (NID)'.


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