After Payment is accepted, i need to update order status to "Completed" from Controller Page Callback.

How to do this on Drupal 8 Commerce ?

I find no documentation about this, only this example on Drupal 7 :

// Updating Order status.
$orderObj = commerce_order_load($orderID);
commerce_order_status_update($orderObj, 'canceled', TRUE, 'Order Voided');
$orderObj->log = 'Order cancelled programatically';

You want to use the State Machine methods of the Commerce Order class.

It would be something like this, but it will depend on what you called your order states.

$order_state = $orderObj->getState();
$order_state_transitions = $order_state->getTransitions();


If you aren't sure, you can always check the $order_state_transitions array to see what options you have.

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