Trying to figure out the best UC module to use for this...

Essentially, I'm trying to create a site where users may purchase subscriptions. There are about 15 different subscriptions a user may purchase. The first subscription (regardless of which one it is) will sell at $20. Every additional subscription purchase after that will cost $10.

Not sure which module to use (or if one even exists) to accomplish this. There appears to be so many contributed modules, and the descriptions "kinda sorta" seem like what I need, but a lot of them sound very similar...

If someone knows a good way to accomplish this, that'd be great...


Look at UC Recurring module. It should do what you need. The instruction on how to set it up is here.


Paypal and I think perhaps one or two other gateways have recurring payments APIs that Ubercart can work with. In that setup, Ubercart just initiates a subscription and Paypal takes it from there, and you manage the subscriptions from within Paypal. It's good because I trust Paypal with this sort of thing a little more than Drupal, but its bad because the Paypal interface is terrible and you can't really change Payment amounts once a subscription is initiated (you just have to cancel and re-subscribe).


There is also a Ubercart Contributed Module called Subscriptions

uc_subscribe provides a framework for tracking and acting on subscriptions.


There was a session on subscriptions at Drupalcon Denver 2012 (watch the video of the session at the link) specifically on the problems Lullabot encountered setting up drupalize.me.


The moneyscripts module (unfortunately its not free) worked for me when I built a website for a customer of ours. I can't remember where I found it but do a search for moneyscripts and there is a really good recurring payments module there. It operates outside of ubercart which is kind of nasty if you also need ubercart but if subscriptions is all you want its brilliant.

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