My web has 2 languages, English and Malay. The language selection is by session of ?lang=en or ?lang=ms.

English is the default language and it is working fine. All internal links are using the correct URL aliases. The problem arises when switching to Malay language. All links became node/(some-number).

For example: About Us Page all using about-us as URL Alias

In English www.example.com/about-us

In Malay www.example.com/node/2

Even when I type out the URL www.example.com/about-us?lang=ms it doesn't work. It will still show the English language.

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Add translation in Malay language for about-us node and add alias to it. When node hasn't translation to Malay language, it will be without alias when You change lng

  • Yup, I have already added the alias for Malay language. Both English and Malay are pointing to about-us URL alias, but only English is showing correctly, Malay is still wrong.
    – David Yap
    Jan 8, 2018 at 1:22

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