I run a Drupal 7 website and have a separate WordPress blog. The blog generates a feed, which I display (RSS2 version) in a Block on the Drupal website via the Aggregator core module. This worked fine until somewhere in December.

The last update post/feed shown on the Drupal website is from 24 Nov. '17. The newer 2 posts have not made it onto my Drupal website. However, when I check the feed itself, the posts are present in the feed.

Drupal website: https://www.lovedominique.co.za/

Feed of blog: https://lovedominique.co.za/blog/feed/

The error message that Drupal shows is:

The feed from New On Our Blog seems to be broken, due to an error "Invalid document end" on line 128.

I checked the feed on http://www.feedvalidator.org/ (link). There is no mention of line 128 on feedvalidator. But, another error shows up for line 187:

line 187, column 0: url must be a full URL: https://lovedominique.co.za/blog/wp-content/uploads/2017/10/adding_texture.mp4

I don't understand why I am getting these error messages. The lines look okay to me.

  • Installed updates
  • I deleted my browser's cache (Firefox ESR).
  • I deleted the Drupal cache (on the server).
  • I added a new test post to the blog, and confirmed that it shows on the feed (https://lovedominique.co.za/blog/feed/). Yet, it does not get imported by Aggregator.

It turns out that a simple smiley :) wrought all the havoc. The smiley was situated in the first paragraph of a post and was therefore transferred via the feed to Aggregator.

Removing the smiley removed the errors and now the feed is showing correctly again.

I don't know what exactly is wrong with ':)', but somehow it messed things up. Explanations are welcome.

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