I am testing out the Drupal 8 core Forum module. I am using a theme that I based off of Acquia Lightning. I have successfully installed the module and added Containers, Forums and Topics. My issue is that the Topics I create don't seem to get associated with the Forum taxonomy. In other words, when I go to /forum I see my containers and forums but every forum has Topics: 0, Posts: 0, Last Post: n/a.

I have tried clearing cache, running cron, looking at the watchdog logs but nothing seems to indicate why it isn't working. I am not receiving any memory errors, white screen of death, etc. All other site functions seem to work properly: I can save content and taxonomies, create new views, assign blocks, etc.

See the attached screen grab. I could use some ideas on what might be causing this. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

enter image description here



drush state:set comment.maintain_entity_statistics TRUE


core/modules/comment/src/CommentStatistics.php in the update() function says this:

// Allow bulk updates and inserts to temporarily disable the maintenance of
// the {comment_entity_statistics} table.
if (!$this->state->get('comment.maintain_entity_statistics')) {

In my case, somehow this was not set, causing this function to bail out and not update the comment_entity_statistics table. Drupal needs this table updated to display the proper forum posts.

"drush state:get comment.maintain_entity_statistics" can be used to check if this is already set.

  • The comment_entity_statistics database table contains statistics about the comments. It's not used to count the number of posts a forum contains, since those are nodes, not comments. That table is used to show new close to a node title, to mean there was new activity on that node, for example a new comment.
    – apaderno
    Jan 2 at 9:17

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