I am doing a security audit for a client. Their installation is Drupal 6.22. I need to show them it's unsafe. What is the easiest way to hack it as an example?

I would need to directly show them the steps, so it must be quite detailed instructions. They have the following modules installed:

  1. Administration menu
  2. Color
  3. Comment
  4. Database logging
  5. Help
  6. PHP filter
  7. Taxonomy
  8. Update status
  9. Masquerade
  10. CKEditor
  11. AES

Here are some common settings:

  1. Server Apache/2.2.3
  2. MySQL database 5.0.77
  3. PHP 5.2.17
  4. update.php Protected
  5. File system Writable
  6. register_globals Disabled

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The question you're asking is pretty impossible to answer. If you know Drupal and/or web security then you'll know the answer already. If you don't then the answer is too long to put into a Stack Exchange comment.

Here are some articles about how I have gained knowledge of web application security and how I perform a security audit of a Drupal site:

I agree with Ivan Alfaro that the security_review module is a good start. Many of the elements that the security_review module audits can be audited from outside a site, so you could look at what it does and see if you can do similar things.

  • I went through the few modules recommended in your link and they were not able to identify any problems. I am going to start reading Cracking Drupal soon...
    – Yongke Bill Yu
    Mar 3, 2012 at 23:10

Easiest way to identify potential vulnerabilities is to install the Security review module.

  • This is definitely an easy solution, but not a complete one. Thanks for recommending it!
    – greggles
    Feb 9, 2012 at 19:47

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