i want to expand my theme's primary links, so I put the following code in my custom module.

function mymodulename_menu_link_alter(&$item, $menu) {
  if ($item['menu_name'] == 'primary-links') {
    $item['expanded'] = 1;

In page.tpl.php I used print theme('links', $primary_links), but the primary links didn't expand. Why?


Not really a complete answer, but hook_menu_link_alter() is not called when the menu is rendered; it is called when the menu item is saved. Just an FYI.


Try after flushing the menu cache. For that, the Devel module will help you.

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Start with simple things first. Use the Menu Example in the Examples Project. The menu_example_menu_link_alter() changes a link... You can use it there and experiment easily.

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