1.) I have added a paragrah with multiple field in my node form

2.) Now i have created a View and added the paragraph field and selected the Formatter as Rendered Entity

3.) In the preview section i can see all my paragraph data , as my twig debug is on i can see file suggestions where i can override the paragraph file

4.) But i want to access my paragraphs fields inside the views-view--unformatted-{{ view_machine_name }}.html.twig file

5.) I access the normal fields inside my content type using

view.field.{{ machine_name }}.getvalue(view.result[0])

6.) I can access the paragraph complete section by

view.field.{{ paragraph_machine_name }}.original_value

How can i access the fields inside the paragraph in this view file

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This is how i solved this ..

--> I added a relationship of the paragraph field and made it as required

--> After that i selected the relationship in the filter criteria section

--> And then i was able to select all the paragraph fields while adding a new field in the view

Hope this helps someone

  • Yes, great answer, the views templates are only good for theming, the heavy stuff has to be configured in the views ui.
    – 4uk4
    Jan 12, 2018 at 16:12

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