I'm following along a NodeOne video where it describes how to use the Views module. It looks like I'm missing a whole lot of filter criteria. Such as, all the "User:... " criteria, and the "Field:..." criteria is missing from the sort criteria menu.

This is a more or less fresh install of Drupal 7, and the only module I've installed is the views module, plus its dependencies.

How do I get those criteria to appear in the filter and sort menus?

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I was running through that tutorial the other day too...

You need to add a relationship to the user (in the "Advanced" fieldset of your View), then the User: filters will appear.

I think the Field:... criteria are now called Content:....

I got the tutorial content working fine in quite a short space of time and if memory serves these are the only things that were different from what was stated in the video. The video uses a beta/RC version of views whereas it's now in full release, so there will be a few differences.

  • Excellent, this got me the User: filters. That should do for now, I'll try and figure out the rest when I encounter it. Mar 13, 2012 at 15:44

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