I am using Drupal 7. I have created a content type with autocomplete taxonomy field. I need to set default value programmatically. I am using this code under hook_form_alter:

$form['field_school_locality_city_level'][LANGUAGE_NONE]['names']['#default_value'] = tid;

It's giving me just term id, but I need it in format Bhopal[tid:8193].

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Load taxonomy term using term id then, generate data in your required format.

 // Term id.
 $tid = 8193;   
 // Obtain the term. 
 $term = taxonomy_term_load($tid);
 // Format data.
 $data = $term->name . '[tid:' . $tid .']';

$form['field_school_locality_city_level'][LANGUAGE_NONE]['names']['#default_value'] = $data;
  • I have used this. its giving me above result.
    – Amit Kumar
    Commented Jan 15, 2018 at 10:22

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