Actually I want to display latest node on the basis of taxonomy term.. Suppose I created a vocabulary called event. With field

1. Term name
2. Description
3. Image
Now I have a node with following field
1. Title
2. Term reference field reffering event 
3. Event date.

Now I want to display exactly 1 latest node basis of term name.. Suppose I have 3 term so I want to display latest 1 node for each term.. using view.

Please help me on that thank you..


If I'm understanding correctly, you'll want to create a View for your event nodes, and then add a relationship to the "Event category" or whatever your term reference field is called on the node. You should then be able to add a sort by Event date descending, and a filter for the "Term name" that should be available through the relationship you've added. You could limit your results to 1 node only in the pager settings in Views. Then you should have the latest event for a specific term.

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  • when you are doing results to 1 node only in the pager settings in Views it will display only one result from all of the content – Rudra Jan 15 '18 at 16:54

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