I am trying to sort my view of documents by "most downloaded". I see that there are only a few modules, Download_Count being one. There is no documentation on how to implement this.

I have installed it and can't see any way to actually use it. Or is there a newer module at this point?

I have spent days of research and can't come up with anything. Any pointers?


For download count you will have to enable one of the provided blocks after installing

four blocks: top downloaded files, top downloaded users, top downloaders, and top nodes of file downloads.

File download count might also be a good candidate. The links to the downloads have to created manually (using a module) or with the use of views if they are to be counted. A link has to look like this file/[file:fid]/download

In the simplest case you can create a view that lists all the files to be counted and using file:fid field and then rewrite that field to create a link that looks like this<a href="file/[file:fid]/download">download</a>

or if above don't work for you you might want to give ajax download count ac chance

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  • Thank you for the response. I realize that Download Count will not work for me since my files are stored publicly. I will look at the second one you mention - File Download Count. I did install the AJAX one and see that it provides "X download(s)" next to each file. I could not get it to increment even after confirming that Javascript was enabled in my browser. So I have no idea how to get that to work. – KZeeh Feb 5 '18 at 16:18

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