On one of my content types I have a taxonomy term reference field that allows for multiple values. Normally if I wanted the term from a field I'd simply do


However this doesn't work if there are multiple entities. Normally I would expect getValue() to do the trick but that just gives an array of the ids with target_id as the key. I sort of have a round about way of getting them with this method

    $entity_storage = \Drupal::entityTypeManager()->getStorage('taxonomy');
    $ids = [];
    foreach ($this->field_taxonomy_term->getValue() as $item) {
        $ids[] = $item['target_id'];
    $entities = $entity_storage->loadMultiple($ids);

But when getting one is as simple as $node->field_name->entity I had a feeling that I'm doing more work than necessary. Is there a simpler way to obtain an array of entities from a field or is what I'm doing the most efficient way to do it?

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I can't say for sure on that specific field but usually there's the referencedEntities() method you can call


So something like this perhaps:

$entities = $node->field_taxonomy_term->referencedEntities();

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