I am using migrate source CSV and trying to extract a string which contains multiple key/value pairs of links in format:


I need to save the values into a multiple link field.

The logic I need to run is:

- Explode the string on comma ,
- Iterate each item
  - Explode string on pipe |
    - Extract index 0
      - Store to field_link/title
    - Extract index 1
      - Store to field_link/uri

I have it working using a custom process plugin but would like to try and achieve this if possible through chaining of the core process plugins in the migration config yml file.


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Here is my solution to solve a similar problem:

    source: data
    plugin: explode
    delimiter: ','
    plugin: explode
    delimiter: '|'
  plugin: sub_process
  source: '@temp_data'
    field_attr_1: '0'
    field_attr_2: '1'
    field_attr_3: '2'

Hope it helps.

Regards, M.

  • This really helped me. Thank you!
    – Doomd
    Commented Aug 5, 2020 at 20:45

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