I'm building a job directory.

This will allow users to register, create Companies and Jobs associated with those companies.

A Job can be from one of the following types: Full-time, Part-time, Freelance and Internship.

The current Jobs View can be seen here: enter image description here It was created using Views, just like in this video and looks like this on the back: enter image description here My current problem is anytime a tab is clicked, the user goes to a completely different page, requiring the page to load again. I don't want the user to go to a different page anytime they select a type of job...

Unsure how to do this using Drupal but I were to do this manually, would use Ajax and PHP so that the data could be retrieved from the DB and the page wouldn't require to load again.

Drupal Legoland builds tabs using Field Group Module. This looked like a good technique and easy to implement, but for my case doesn't really work as I don't have a specific field in the content type Jobs just with the Full-time Jobs Data and not sure how to create it.

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There's a module called Quick Tabs, which allows to create Ajax loaded tabs. We need to flush all caches after creating the new tab in order to be seen as a normal block. It fixed the problem.

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