I have a content type "A" that has an entity reference field to content type "B".

I need to create a view that will be embed on "A" node page for listing all "B" nodes referenced to it.

I know I have to use contextual filters for getting the current node id and a relationship, but not sure exactly the recipe.

  • Use A nid as a contextual filter and list the ERR field as a link to the entity.
    – Kevin
    Jan 24, 2018 at 14:33

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  1. Create a view of content type B. (View Type Block)
  2. Create a relationship in that view to the content that contains the reference field by clicking on add a relationship, and search for the name of your reference field)
  3. Create a contextual filter to filter by ID using that reference field. Choose "Provide default value" then "Content ID from URL".
  4. Display your block on the appropriate pages.

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