I created a custom views style plugin. I currently use:

$value = $view->field[$label_column]->getValue($row);

to get the value of the field. However, I was recently informed that this does not work for list fields(like 0=>'yes'=, 1=>'no'). This original line displays 0 and 1 instead of 'yes' and 'no'. This user suggested I use:

$items = $view->field[$label_column]->getItems($row);
$value = $view->field[$label_column]->render_item(1, $items[0]);

It seems like this solution does not work on standard fields. I also recently found that the original line does not respect field rewrites. Is there a universal way to see the field value after rewrites, while also respecting lists?


Use advancedRender(), this is a method in the base class of views fields, which renders an entity field respecting field rewrites and other settings:

$value = $field->advancedRender($row);
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