I have a site (v8.4.2) with all core language modules enabled, 3 active languages, English is the default. The pager labels (e.g. "Last »") for my own Views are not translated although the string "Last »" is available in User interface translation. I can manually translate the pager labels by adding a translation for the whole View and then overriding the pager labels, but I think this is not the right way to do it because the built-in Views (e.g. /admin/content) are translated just fine, without any manual overrides.

So: How can pager labels be translated automatically by the User interface translation strings and not manually by adding a View translation? Thanks for your help!

EDIT: I have found out why it is happening this way:

  1. Yesterday I did not see it, but the built-in content View from my example (/admin/content) is indeed translated to the other two languages, with the translated pager labels being present there.
  2. The pager template (core/themes/classy/templates/navigation/pager.html.twig) is "missing" the translation filter (|trans) and that is why the User interface translation has no effect on the pager label string. I wrote "missing" in double quotes because if the translation filter was there, then it could be difficult to add a custom translation via the View translation because that translation could be modified by the User interface translation. For me this is not relevant, so I will just add the translation filter to the pager template, resulting in this line for my example of the last pager label:

    Original: {{ items.last.text|default('Last »'|t) }}

    With trans filter: {{ items.last.text|trans|default('Last »'|t) }} (I use "trans" because it is better distinguishable than just "t")


I have seen this too. Looking thru the code, it appears that the pager templates do have translations set up properly. So in theory, UI translations should work. But they don't.

I haven't tried it but you probably could do this thru the hook_preprocess_pager__page(&$variables) function (for full views pages). There seems to be a $variables['pager']['#tags'] array with the values for pagers. You might be able to do the UI string translation here.

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