We have a custom block type block_countries and we are using a View(my_view_custom) to display the all the blocks where type = block_countries. Under block_countries view mode, we setup a "Full" view mode where we display certain information.

The view is displayed as a block and placed into a region (i.e. content region) from the theme. We want to style the block_countries "Full" view mode and setup a preprocess hook to do some processing, however we cannot find the way to do this.

We need help figuring out the proper twig template and preprocess_hook to call in order to get the desired out below. How can we do this?

Block type fields (block_countries):

  1. body
  2. language
  3. country (Entity reference: taxonomy term)

Full view mode (fields shown):

  1. body
  2. country

View settings:

  1. Format = unformatted list
  2. show: custom block: Full (where full is the view mode)
  3. Filter Criteria: custom block : block type = block_countries

We have tried the following but they do not work





Desired output (per row returned from view):

<div data-country="{{ country }}"> {{ body }} </div>

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Don't use custom blocks, use nodes or a custom entity type. Custom blocks are designed to be displayed as a block, not a view inside a block. They don't have a template on their own. See https://www.drupal.org/node/2704331.

Yes, it's not great, but it is unlikely that this will change any time soon.

  • thinking about this, i should have explored the custom entity type sooner. I ended up finding the correct view preprocess to get what i needed, thanks. Jan 30, 2018 at 17:56

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