I have successfully setup Oauth2 in Drupal 7 and I am able to get token from the Oauth2/token endpoint. I need to implement, Implicit Flow (Client-Side Flow) as this endpoint will be used by client-side Js application. Though I have turned on the Oauth as authentication provider in Services and also enabled it at the resource settings, I am getting the response as below:


However, this endpoints work when authentication is disabled and used anonymously.

Options for getting token in Postman

The failed request is below: This fails with 401 Unauthorized.

Not able to find any further details. I somehow need to use services using Oauth2 as the authentication method.

  • Ok this depends on many things, so as this is returning 404 What web services are you accepting? as you have application/json as a header can you try "/api/system/connect.json" ? what methods are you using GET or POST ? aslo what happens when you hit the url in a browser ? – Taggart Jensen Feb 4 '18 at 22:25
  • @TaggartJensen Actually it's returning 401, unauthorized. I think I have accidentally picked wrong screenshot. I also tried /api/system/connect.json. It still returns 401. I am using Post method, but I tried with GET after reading your comment. In GEt its giving 404. In browser also its showing 404. – esafwan Feb 5 '18 at 23:02
  • Anyone with similar issues? :/ – esafwan Feb 26 '18 at 11:03

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