I have a D8 site since some months. Today I realised that I needed drush in order to migrate some contents (using the migrate tools module). Composer was not installed, so I installed it. Then I installed drush (version 9) and it seems to work but the drush command defined in migrate tools are not working. I have noticed that when I do a drush cc, I can only clear the drush cache. Like if drush didn't see my drupal installation.

What did I miss ?


Cache clear (drush cc) was removed for Drupal 8. That goes back to at least Drush 8, Drush 9 is just continuing in the same vein.

It's now Cache Rebuild:

drush cr

According to Migrate Tools, the 4.0-beta2+ branch supports Drush 9, make sure you have that version installed. If it doesn't work as advertised, please file a bug report in their issue queue.

Bear in mind that Drush 9 has a new architecture for commands, and as such people haven't necessarily found the time to port everything over yet.

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