Some users (not admins) on our system are not having their password reset links sent by _user_mail_notify('password_reset', $account, $langcode) work properly. A suspicion is that their e-mail clients are not parsing the entire link as one URL.

In /admin/config/people/accounts, I'm trying to use [user:one-time-login-url] as a href attribute, like <a href="[user:one-time-login-url]">click</a>.

Using default PHP mailer, this doesn't really change anything, it just makes the link show up as click [1] and spits out the URL text at the bottom of the email.

I've had swiftmailer installed for a while, and I use it specifically for some module emails that require attachments. However I avoid using HTML emails as the HTML never parses properly no matter what settings I use. For example, the <a href=... code above comes out as &lt;a href=&quot;https://... when the e-mail is sent, even if I set Swiftmailer to use HTML and uncheck "Respect provided e-mail format."

Is there a way to accomplish what I'm trying to fix?

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