Does anyone have an example of how I add an Entity Select (Specifically a term reference) to a custom composite?

Here's the code I've tired. The field with the title shows up but no select.

$elements['test_tax'] = [
  '#type' => 'entity_select',
  '#title' => t('Test Taxonomy'),
  '#target_type' => 'taxonomy_term',
  '#selection_handler' => 'default:taxonomy_term',
  '#selection_settings' => [
    'target_bundles' => [
      'my_terms' => 'my_terms'
    'sort' => [
      'field' => 'name',
      'direction' => 'ASC'

I'm a front-end guy so I'm a bit out of my element in php...


I think you just need to change...

'#type' => 'entity_select',


'#type' => 'webform_entity_select',

In the Webform YAML source editor we are hiding the 'webform_*' prefixes, within custom code they have to included.

@see https://cgit.drupalcode.org/webform/tree/src/Element/WebformEntitySelect.php

  • That was it! Thanks for making the example module for composites as well. Even a as a non-php dev I was able to get it pretty close. Major kudo's to you guys. – Brad O Feb 9 '18 at 13:03

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