I've used orConditionGroups with queries before. Specifically with entity queries. But now I have a custom sql table I created separate from drupal but still on the same database I have access to. I want to update a row if any of the fields are different but I'm having generating the or statement. Here was my attempt.

$connection = \Drupal::database();
$orConditionGroup = $connection->orConditionGroup()->condition('address', $fulladdress, '!=')->condition('full_name', $fullname, '!=')->condition('telephone', $workphone, '!=');
  $connection->update($table)->fields(['full_name' => $fullname, 'address' => $fulladdress, 'telephone' => $workphone, 'email' => $email])->condition('id', $id)->condition($orConditionGroup);

But I get the error

undefined method Drupal\Core\Database\Driver\mysql\Connection::condition()

Which makes sense since the connection class isn't a query object on its own, but not sure how else to tackle this. How would I create an orConditionGroup for just a plain direct sql query that isn't a drupal entity or anything like that?

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I was able to get it to work by added the select method to the connection object like so:

$orConditionGroup = $connection->select($table)
                    ->condition('address', $fulladdress, '!=')
                    ->condition('full_name', $fullname, '!=')
                    ->condition('telephone', $workphone, '!=');

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