I have need to load an order item's 'purchased entity' object so that I can object the base product's title for an order item.

In my scope, I have the order_item object and, from there I have access to the 'purchased entity' ID number. But I can figure out how to load the 'purchased entity'object from this ID number.


Thanks to Chance G I was able to achieve what I needed by:

  $product_variation = $order_item->getPurchasedEntity();
  $product_id = $product_variation->product_id->getString();
  $product = \Drupal\commerce_product\Entity\Product::load($product_id);
  $product_title = $product->getTitle();
  • I didn't realize you need the product title and not the product variation title. I can confirm this later but if you don't need the intermediate variables you can probably do: $order_item->getPurchasedEntity()->getProduct()->getTitle(); – Chance G Feb 13 '18 at 20:01
  • Nice! That snipped did indeed work. Nice and clean. Thanks! – quantumized Feb 13 '18 at 20:10

If your $order_item is an instance of the OrderItem class you should be able to do:

$product_variation = $order_item->getPurchasedEntity();
$title = $product_variation->getTitle();

If you have an $order you should be able to do:

foreach ($order->getItems() as $order_item) {
  $product_variation = $order_item->getPurchasedEntity();
  $title = $product_variation->getTitle();

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