Is there a way to pass in an icon inside the tag of the link built by using the link (l()) function?

<a href="#"><icon> Link Text</a>

I use it like so currently:


Options all seem to be attributes of the tag itself besides the "text". Using html =>true, I can add before the link text:

print l('<span class="' . implode(" ",$link[options][attributes]["class"]) . '"></span> ' . $link["link_title"]

However, I cannot check if the span isset inline there, unless I am missing something...

This works (below), but all my <a> have <a><span></span> linktext... even if span is empty, and I don't want that blank tag in there:

<li class="nav-item"><?php print l('<span class="' . implode(" ",$link[options][attributes]["class"]) . '"></span> ' . $link["link_title"],$link["link_path"],array('attributes'=> array('class'=>array($link[options][item_attributes]["class"], 'nav-link')),'html' => TRUE)); ?></li>

How can I add an icon, without CSS, before my link text as well as check if that span is empty?

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you can use something like this:

l(t('Back'), 'node/' . implode(" ",$link[options][attributes]["class"]) . '/edit/', array('attributes' => array('class' => array('btn btn-default btn-back'))))

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