I can't run cron jobs from a single module or from core anymore. Somehow Drush hits a REST service endpoint.

I have configured some service endpoints for views, but why would cron jobs hit that? I cannot explain that myself.

The error message I get from Drush is the following one.

Services Endpoint "rest" has been setup successfully. Drush command terminated abnormally due to an unrecoverable error.

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It's impossible to answer the question directly because we'd have to speculate about the all the possible states of your Drupal installation where rest_server_server() is hit in a a cron context.

However, since you know where the notification message is being produced, and you can trigger it in a Drush command, what you can do is insert something like debug_print_backtrace() in the rest_server_server() function then re-run the Drush command to get an idea of what module/configuration is causing that to occur and if it's causing cron to die on you.


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