After having spent hours reading through (very old) coding standards and best practices threads on drupal.org, and even trying to revive the Contrib Development Best Practices group on groups.drupal.org which seems to having been abandoned for years, I'm still struggling to getting an answer to whether a contrib module needs to implement hook_help() to comply with the Module Documentation Guidelines or not.

Above guidelines state

All but the most trivial modules should implement hook_help().

Yet, should is not must, which sometimes leads to discussions within the Security Advisory Application Issues Queue.

I was not able to identify someone to ask, whether it is a requirement or a (strong?) suggestion.

As we're currently reworking the PAReview (pareview.sh) tool, it would be great to know for having a distinct severity for a missing hook_help(). That's why I'm hoping to getting a hint from the grey-bearded Drupalists here, on where to address this inquiry.

Don't get me wrong, I don't want to start a discussion here, nor subjective answers on whether there should be a hook_help or not. I just want to know which board is deciding such issues and where to ask when it comes to contrib module coding standards and best practices.

  • I rarely do unless its a contributed module. I've often found that the hook_help stuff generally isn't too helpful - I think there is a core issue somewhere asking for that to instead read contents of a README.txt or .md file as the help docs, which almost all modules tend to have. – Kevin Feb 15 '18 at 18:01
  • We usually do so only to providing links to external documentations, as regular users often don't see a README file. But that's not exactly the point of my question. :| – Mario Steinitz Feb 16 '18 at 1:34

I never found anything about it, but I think that is highly recommended implement this hook.

The reason, I remember when I started with Drupal that many modules did not have a README.txt file and did not have the help page, even in the module page you did not find any information about how to use the module.

So, this is not required for a module, but I think that you should show a suggestion to implement the hook with some information about how to use the module.

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