I made a site in which users can publish content and also postpone the deletion time. Now I want the users to be able to postpone a deletion that have been already been postponed. So I want to consider the remaining time do so.

How can reach this goal?


First an educated (wild) guess ... Since Drupal, out-of-the-box, does not come with some "postpone" facility, I'm going to assume that you implemented that by using the Rules Scheduler to schedule the execution of a Rules Component, which does nothing but delete some content (node).

Have a look at my answer to the question "How can I set a reminder for a specific user to be triggered on a specific date?". Obviously, that is not the same question as yours here. But the "specific date" there appears to correspond to your "postponed date".

With that, you could just trigger a rule each time that the content is edited, and then verify the relevant data of your content to decide if you need to do either of these:

  • no more need to postpone the deletion of content "later on", so just DELETE the scheduled execution of the Rule to delete content.
  • (re-)schedule the execution of the Rule to delete content.

PS: from revision 1 of your question, I understand it is about D7 ...

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  • Thanks @Pierre.Vriens. You are wright. I did it by means of Rules module. I'll check the link you gave. – mosgeorges Feb 22 '18 at 11:48
  • I've been far from this issue for a long time. And still do not have a solution. I did try to give the "scheduler" a variable that is an addition to the calculed remaining time and the new value to add. But it does not take variables. – mosgeorges May 6 '18 at 18:10

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