In D7, I've imported ~8000 taxonomy terms. All these need to have a url alias, based off their names.

I can check the 'Generate automatic URL alias' checkbox when editing each taxonomy term individually but I cannot go through and do this for all 8000.

I tried updating the paths with Bulk Generate. In the Patterns tab for my taxonomy term vocab I have set [term:name]. But when I hit Bulk Generate it doesn't update anything.

Would anyone know of a solution? An SQL query perhaps?

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You'll need to troubleshoot your own site configuration to understand what's not causing the path update on the bulk form. If you look at the flow of execution, you can follow

Ultimately, all the form is doing to update is using pathauto_taxonomy_term_update_alias_multiple() to load/save a group of tids in bite-sized chunks; if you fail to pinpoint the problem, you can use that function to do what you're already doing manually.


I ended up using the SQL:

UPDATE pathauto_state SET pathauto="1" WHERE entity_type="taxonomy_term";

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